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Reality television has infiltrated our lives to the point that the recent uptick in requests for an augmented buttock or Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is often attributed to the “Kardashian Effect”.
Big butts are in vogue so if you are someone who was born with a less than bodacious booty or who has lost some butt volume due to age, butt implants could change your life.

Frequently Asked Questions – BBL

Brazilian butt lift is right for me ?2018-01-08T14:42:30+00:00

For a BBL Surgery , the most important factor is of course same like any surgery ;your overall health condition.

Your medical condition should be good to be a candidate for any cosmetic surgery. Heart,lung and blood conditions, or neurological disorders may enlist you as  a no- candidate for a BBL.

Consulting with a professional is always a must  to determine if you are a potential candidate for BBL surgery.

A good  candidate should be at an acceptable BMS with enough fat for liposuction, Useful areas for liposuction are abdomen, love handles, back, and thighs. The skin in these areas also needs to have good elasticity to avoid sagging.

I don’t have enough fat what can I do?2018-01-08T14:42:18+00:00

People who don’t have enough fat, but are otherwise good candidates may be instructed to gain 10 to 20 pounds prior to surgery.

How much does BBL with Fat Injection cost?2018-01-08T14:42:05+00:00

Average price of a Brazilian butt lift with Fat Injection is around 3,000GBP-4500GBP ,

Experience of the Surgeon-Anesthesia Team and additional services are important criteria. Please be sure about who will perform your surgery : the doctor himself or young surgeons in his team.

How long do the results last?2018-01-08T14:41:58+00:00

Expect roughly 60% of the injected fat to the stay put.* Your body will naturally reabsorb and eliminate the rest. “The great thing about the Brazilian butt lift surgery is that the fat cells that survive the transfer will live in their new location.

What should I expect in long term?2018-01-08T14:41:53+00:00

It’s important to remember that these fat cells will behave like the rest of the fat in your body and are susceptible to weight fluctuations. To have the highest chance of long-lasting results, be prepared to maintain your weight after your procedure rather than lose it.

How much fat is needed for a BBL?2018-01-08T14:41:38+00:00

The amount of fat harvested and injected into the buttocks is measured in cubic centimeters, or cc’s. The exact amount of cc’s needed depends on your expectations and your fat capacity that can be harvested.

What happens during the procedure?2018-01-08T14:41:32+00:00

Brazilian butt lift techniques may vary among surgeons, but the basics of the surgery  always happens in three stages: harvesting, processing, and reinjection.

First, body fat is extracted by liposuction from the pre-determined areas. Common locations include the abdomen back (directly above the butt), and thighs. The extracted fat is then processed through centrifugation. Once purified, only the best donor fat cells will be reinjected into the butt. This may be done through tens of injections at various depths with intensive care.

What’s the recovery time?2018-01-08T14:41:21+00:00

While recovery time will vary depending on the patient, we recommend you avoid sitting directly on your butt for at least two weeks. After that, you may want to sit on a special pillow which allows you put pressure on the thighs instead of the butt. You will also be asked to wear a compression garment for three to five weeks to decrease bruising and swelling while helping loose skin retract.

When will I be back to gym?2018-01-08T14:41:07+00:00

While recovery time will vary depending on the patient, we recommend you avoid sitting directly on your butt for at least two weeks. After that, you may want to sit on a special pillow which allows you put pressure on the thighs instead of the butt. You will also be asked to wear a compression garment for three to five weeks to decrease bruising and swelling while helping loose skin retract.

What are the post op requirements?2018-01-08T14:41:01+00:00

Post-op requirements also vary. It’s important to follow your doctor’s specific instructions to achieve the best results.

What are the possible side effects?2018-01-08T14:40:55+00:00

If performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, the Brazilian butt lift procedure has a high success rate. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, it is not without risk.

Common side effects include bruising, swelling, pain, irregular contour, asymmetry, infection, and loss of fat due to not following post-op instructions.

What happens if I gain weight or become pregnant after a BBL?2018-01-08T14:40:11+00:00

Weight Gain: Once fat has been moved from another area of your body to your butt, these fat cells can grow or shrink like any other fat on your body, so your butt could get larger if you gain weight. You might gain weight in the areas that were treated with liposuction, and you may even gain weight in places you didn’t before. It’s essential to maintain your ideal weight following the procedure.

Pregnancy: If you’re planning on getting pregnant in the near future, Ozge Ergun, MD, plastic surgeon, advised waiting until after giving birth in this Q&A on BBLs and pregnancy. But if you’re planning on having kids several years down the road, he “doesn’t see why you can’t have a BBL now. Neither liposuction nor fat transfer will affect your fertility, and those surgeries do not pose a risk to future pregnancies.”

People handle pregnancy differently, and there’s no way to know how or where you’ll gain weight while pregnant. There’s also no way to know how you’re going to look after you give birth. Those who have gotten pregnant after a BBL may desire a touch-up or another procedure, such as a mommy makeover.

Are massages necessary after a Brazilian Butt Lift?2018-01-08T14:39:57+00:00

Most RealSelf doctors recommend lymphatic drainage massage following a BBL, as it can significantly help decrease bruising and swelling.

“but there are many mitigating factors, [including] the status of your recovery, the blood flow post-BBL, and other personal factors that make you and your BBL unique,” he said in Q&A on massage after BBL surgery.

What’s most important is choosing a qualified plastic surgeon who specializes in Brazilian butt lifts, and closely following his/her post-procedure instructions.

Will I have a scar?2018-01-08T14:39:45+00:00

BBLs involve harvesting fat with liposuction using small tubes called cannulas. These cannulas are inserted through incisions less than a centimeter wide. Just like scarring from any other type of injury, these incisions will go through a maturation process, likely over up to a year.

“As the scar matures, it becomes soft, pale, flat, and much less noticeable. Some people are prone to hypertrophic scars or keloids, which are abnormal scars that become prominent. If you or a blood relative have a tendency for these types of scars, please inform your doctor.”

Your plastic surgeon may suggest a scar lightening cream, silicone scar sheets, laser treatments, or injections to further minimize the appearance. Use sunscreen and avoid any prolonged exposure to the sun for at least two months, as UV rays can darken the appearance of scars.

Why would I get a BBL instead of butt implants?2018-01-08T14:30:30+00:00

The primary deciding factor is how much fat you have to work with. Most RealSelf doctors prefer BBLs over implants because fat can be shaped more precisely and placed in the areas that need it. Implants are typically only considered for patients who don’t have enough fat and have difficulty gaining weight.

“I did so many researches for a good surgeon in Europe and Turkey before I had my surgery with Dr Özge Ergün. All questions were answered quickly and detailed. I did many online consultations for being sure to be understood and I did it.

Dr. Ozge is truly a “Butt” surgeon. He transfered 1200 cc on each cheek. Other surgeons were talking about 500-600 cc on each side which was not enough for me. He is only 4 hours far away from UK and it is worth it ! If you are looking for the most experienced Dr for this procedure in Europe and Turkey, go to him and you will not regret it 100%. His staff and his office coordinator are just as great as himself. It was a great experience with them .

If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t go to anyone else than Dr Ozge. Can you give me some more stars as 5 stars is not enough for him !”

Jokela, Realself

“Dr. Ozge Ergun is friendly and answers all of your questions regarding your procedure.The most important thing for me was,that he was really very honest about scar issues.He did everything what he had promised to me during the consultation.

He did a liposuction to my TT and love handles,injection at my butt and used implants of 450 cc. The best is that I have not lost my female curves.

I am 4 month post op and the healing procedure was better than I had expected. I am looking forward to come back for my breast lift next year. Thanks a lot.”

Pameua, Realself

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